Why Pay Us To Advertise and Promote Your Site?

Are you still advertising with the Yellow Pages and paying through the nose? The competition is fierce and the ads seem to always need to be bigger and more costly….

According to a recent WebVisible, Inc. survey, half of consumers noted search enginesas the first tool they turned to in order to locate a local business, while 82% said it was among the tools they used. As franchise owners, we are almost coerced to advertise through expensive Yellow Pages ads, even though we all know it has historically only brought in 10% or less of our business. ServiceMaster is so heavily into YP marketing we have our own YP Marketing division and I have heard that ServiceMaster is one of the highest users of it.
Do you know anything about promoting your website? Do you even have one, other than the one corporate has made for you? Do you know anything about Google Page Rank, SEO, Keywords, competition research? How about Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp? What about blogging, article marketing, RSS feeds, Forums or PR?
Do you even have time to figure it all out? Do you know what else to do?
If you didn’t rely on YP to advertise your business, how much money could you free up for online marketing?
What if someone were to do it for all you. According to your budget.
What if someone, who was already familiar with ServiceMaster’s core services, with over 30 years experience, could help you to gain a bigger presence, higher ranking, or even better yet, free Google traffic.
What would that be worth to you?


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