Why “Local” Matters

Local Search Popularity

If you are a local proprietor and sell products or services to local customers, you are most likely aware that some customers might try to locate exactly where a store such as yours is and possibly do some investigation to get some more information about the business and products or services that are offered before heading out to make a purchase.

Today, more people are using smart phones to find local services or products with the intent of a purchase. Rather that just browsing, consumers are using their mobile devices for local search. Its true, as far as web visibility is concerned, local search matters.

According to Google, 50% of people searching for local products or services on mobile devices will personally use that service or visit that store within 1 day. 18% of them will make a purchase the same day.

Though its really important to have a current and informative website, even more important is to be found on the first page of the search engines. Google, the most popular search engine, displays a map listing of the 7 most relevant businesses in a search for a local business or product. When it comes to local searches, as opposed to non-local or global searches, it is extremely important to have a top position in the so called “7 pack” of local businesses.

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