Why Get Your Website Analysed?

So you’ve got a pretty good looking website. It seems adequate and your customers seem to be able to navigate through it without a lot of difficulty. Sure it can be improved, but who’s got the time and, besides, it seems to “work fine, thank you very much….”

While the for-mentioned sentiment is all too pervasive, it ignores the SEOfundamental fact that while the site might appear all right to your human visitors, it may well be almost invisible to the “spiders,” those auto-web crawlers that tell Google what the site is about and how relevant it is.

Even nice looking, well designed sites often suffer from this problem. Getting A website analysis will provide a snapshot of just how Google sees your sight and what steps you might take to improve it.

Imagine seeing what appears to be a very impressive looking sign by the side of a busy highway, but it is covered by mud and its message obscured.  That is what your site might look like in the eyes of Google.

Don’t delay, request a website analysis today!

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