What NOT To Do

DO NOT renew your Yellow Pages contract, at least until you have thought about your online strategy.

If you do not yet have an online strategy, think about the ways clients might try to find your product or service. If you think they are looking in the Yellow Pages, try asking random people how they might look for your service or product. Also, if they try to find you online, think of the search terms that they might use. This is the starting point of your online strategy.DO NOT sign up for a Google Adword campaign.

If you have one already, then you know how much it costs. Wouldn’t you rather have free, organic traffic coming willingly to your business? Of course you can cancel the Adword campaign at any time and they will help you design an ad or two to get you started. Not a bad idea, just expensive and unnecessary, if you don’t yet have a strategy.

If you are wondering about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), check out the ServiceMaster online University course on SVMLink, by our own Angela Copeland, Director of Internet Marketing, responsible for paid SEM (Sponsered links. ie. the ones on the side bar), and paid internet Yellow Pages directory listings.
Using Search Engine Marketing (TT06)

iYP (Internet Yellow Pages), webinar course, by Carrie Duda and Angela Copeland, discuss the ServiceMaster national buy for iYP, the 4 types of paid placements and the free listing from www.yellowpages.com. However, it begs the question, why anyone would go to a site such as yellowpages.com to search for products or services, rather that a Google search, and be bombarded by ads…. If your still curious, check out the course….
Effective Use of Internet Yellow Pages (TT04)

DO NOT sign up with a company that promises to do SEO for you to increase your sites Page Rank.

Page Rank is just that – ranking for one page. It might even be on their site not yours. Instead, wouldn’t it make more sense to have each search term rank well, for multiple page rankings?


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