What Are Back Links?

Back links are the heart beat of Google. Without back links, their entire unique algorithm falls apart.

What you put ON your web page accounts for about 25% of the effort needed to rank well in Google. The other 75% is back links TO your web page.

In fact, You can rank an entirely blank web page for a search term with back links alone (done it).

You can also rank a web page for a keyword phrase that is NOT on that web page thru the power of back links (done it).

Back links are the real power boost that cause affiliate web pages to rank well in Google…. NOT the content ON the web page.

The words you put ON your web page help Google understand what your web page is about. That content is also for the readers (ie, Google’s customers).

Google wants unique and original content to return to their customers. Providing quality results to their consumers keeps the consumers using their search engine, which in turn, means that their ads (Google AdWords) get seen and CLICKED more often – which makes Google money.

Unique content makes Google happy because it makes their customers happy. Unique and original content makes YOUR readers happy – BUT, that unique, original content does not make you rank well in Google and be found BY those customers.

BACK LINKS do that.

Unique content, keyword density, meta tags, title tags, keywords, and all that other stuff has very little to do with where your web page ranks in a Google search.

BACK LINKS do the majority of that work.

Content is for readers.
Words are for Google to understand what your page is about.
Back links are for helping your page rank highly in Google so your content is FOUND.

So, What IS a Back Link?

Any time another web page links to YOUR web page with “clickable” words, that is a back link.

Any time another web page links to YOUR web page, Google sees that as a “vote” for your web page to rank for the words that are “clickable”

If I link to your web page with the clickable words – green ant eater boots – Google sees that as a vote for YOUR web page to rank for the search term – green ant eater boots.

Note: the “clickable” words are called anchor text or text links in the business.

If you want your web page to rank for the phrase green ant eater boots, you would go to as many OTHER websites that you could and link to YOUR web page with the anchor text of green ant eater boots.

That will help your web page rank highly in Google for that phrase.

Google relies on other websites and web pages to TELL THEM what pages in their index are relevant to the phrases people are searching for. Websites and web pages tell them by the clickable words they use (the anchor text they use) to link to other web pages.

How Do You GET Back Links?

Now that we know how important back links are, how do we get back links so our web pages rank well in Google?

There are many ways to get back links. Good content that is found by others will begin to cause others to want to link to it (and this is the way Google wants it to all work….lol). However, we in our business know that we need to build our own back links to help our pages rank well.

We can do this with Social Bookmarking, guest posts on other blogs, link exchanges, blog comments, etc etc – but the most popular way to build back links is with article marketing.

Now, there are 3 main reasons to use article marketing. Article marketing for backs links is just one of those reasons.

Article marketing for back links works like this:

You write an Article on another web site (A) that has a link to YOUR web page. In this example, we will call the web page you made and that you want to rank in Google your Landing Page (LP).

The clickable words you use in the article (A) help your Landing Page (LP) rank in Google for the words you made “clickable” in the article.

Here is an image of this strategy:


The words you used as your anchor text in the article you wrote on the other site will help YOUR web page rank FOR those words.

Ranking in Google is not magic – nor is it rocket science.

Write content. Get your targeted keyword phrase in your title, in your first paragraph, and in your last paragraph. Don’t worry about keyword density or anything like that.

Then, get back links (make back links) TO that content and make the clickable words the phrase you want your web page to rank for in Google.

If you want to rank for green ant eater boots, then link TO your web page with the anchor text (clickable words) of green ant eater boots.

In it’s most basic form, that’s all there is to ranking well in Google.

How MANY Back Links Do You Need?

Short answer? When you get to #1, you have enough.

You see, every possible thing that people search for on Google is a totally different “market place” with it’s own competition and needs to get to that #1 spot. Some will be easy – others will be really hard. You build back links until you get to the ranking you want.

It IS a good idea to get some sort of article marketing plan in place for yourself so you know exactly what you need to do for each new piece of online content you create to help it rank. Having your own system straight makes it less confusing and overwhelming and it becomes a simple matter of “rinse and repeat”.

How Long Until My Page Ranks Better In Google?

After running many tests, it seems it can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks for new back links to affect your current ranking in Google. If you build many back links today, Google could dance you all around for awhile until all those new back links “simmer” together to give you the power boost you are looking for. During the “dancing around” phrase, your web page may actually drop in Google (ie, have a WORSE ranking than before you built the new back links) – or your web page might disappear from Google all-together.

This is so normal. Don’t dwell on it – just keep moving forward with your other tasks. There are virtually no back links that can cause your web page to get booted out of Google forever.

Remember, as a webmaster, you can only control what you put ON your web page – you cannot control how others link TO your web page. Google knows this and they take that into account. Don’t dwell on whether one back link is “good” or “bad” or “worth your time”.

Can You Build Back Links Too Quickly and Hurt Your Web Page?

This is tough one to answer, but for the sake of this beginner introduction to back links, I am going to say, No, you cannot destroy the ranking potential by building too many back links to your content too quickly.

Now, I can already hear some folks gasping because I said that – so let me explain why I say that.

First, the phrase “too many, too quickly” is really a tough thing to do. There are black-hatters out there that can mass-create THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of back links to a new web page in seconds. I don’t know a single newbie that has the ability to do that nor do I know anyone that is doing everything by hand that has this ability.

Secondly, if your new web page is on a “free-to-use” site like Squidoo or HubPages or EzineArticles, those domains are having so many new back links built to them every minute that it is REALLY tough to link to them “too many, too quickly”.

If you are wanting to build back links to a brand new website that YOU own and YOU built, just let Google find it first, index it, and THEN start your back linking strategy. One or two well-placed back links will get your new site found by Google. They will follow those back links to your new site and then crawl thru your site…. it won’t take long until you see your new site in the Google index.

Remember, Google’s goal is to index every piece of content on the web. They WANT to find you. Leave them a link to your new site where they look for links….and they’ll find you. Again, not something to obsess over.

Thirdly, test things like crazy.

What Is a GOOD Back Link?

ALL back links are good for something.

Some are good for branding, or traffic, or sales….or all of the above. Some are good for something as simple (yet important) as having a well-rounded link profile.

All back links are good.

Now, if you want to know which back links are good to help you rank better, you’ll have to watch and see which ones raise your site/web page up in Google.

When you’re new to the back linking/Google ranking world, we’ll get a good article marketing strategy in place and take advantage of any back link you can get.

Why will we not be Buying Back Links For Better Google Rankings?

Buying and selling links for the purpose of improving Google ranking is something that can very likely get you dumped from Google – especially those that SELL them (remember, Google knows you have complete control over YOUR site, but no control over who links TO you).

There’s no short-cut to all this, for the most part, and the mid to low-competition markets don’t need you to take that kind of risk.


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