Strategy Overview

The LocalBizReach process is a combination of local Search Engine Marketing (local SEM) and website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. This strategy is very powerful because search engines are becoming increasingly locally focused. Whenever someone searches for anything local, with a local modifier, local search results appear first. Local searches are increasing and are more likely to result in searches for local businesses.

Strategically optimizing your local profile, website and key directory listings will vault your business to the fore-front of local search. We accomplish this by firstly:

  • Optimizing your Google+ Local listing and account set up
  • Keyword research, effectiveness and enhancement
  • Optimization of key directory listings
  • Website local optimization

On an ongoing basis we will:

  • Expand Directory listings
  • Monitor reviews and competitors
  • Create strategic backlinks for solidifying local results
  • Fix address syntax and categories in existing listings

For complete dominance, we offer complete SEO analysis, SEM and Social Media strategies.

The LocalBizReach approach involves these 6 steps: 

Step 1. Competitor Analysis
There is no use reinventing the wheel. Competitor analysis is the first of the 6 steps to web marketing success because understanding how your competitors have succeeded online can help you avoid the costly trial and error of testing strategies that do not work. After we disassemble your competition’s web marketing we will outline in clear detail what they have done right to be worthy of your scrutiny.

In this analysis we typically analyze a minimum of three major competitor websites in order to see if any trends are developing. This intelligence will play a critical role in creating the custom web strategy that will serve as your map to online success.

Our competitor analysis reports include the following information:

  • Section 1) Link Popularity Analysis: How the number of links pointing to your competitor’s website(s) may or may not have contributed to their ranking success. In addition, we will provide additional commentary should something of particular interest arise. For example, we may find a number of websites that provided link popularity to the competition but would be willing to link to your web site as well; with little or no work on your part. In one instance this meant a rare opportunity of finding a PR9 website willing to provide a link for a client; links such as those are more valuable than gold.
  • Section 2) Search Engine Friendly Analysis: How search engine friendly is the structure of your competitor’s web site? Have the search engines found a large percentage of the pages that actually exist on their website(s)? If so, it could be that their web site structure is helping them win online. We will outline our findings and provide live online examples wherever applicable.
  • Section 3) Search Engine Optimization Analysis: How well has your competitor’s web pages been optimized for search engine rankings? We will carefully pick apart the background programming (source code) of their home page and other major pages in their web site to determine what they may have done correctly to assist their success.
  • Section 4) Keyword Analysis: What keywords are your competitor’s focusing their marketing on? Using a variety of analytical and statistical methods we will put together a comprehensive list of the keywords for which your competitors chose to focus advertising dollars.
  • Section 5) Competitor Summaries: The findings for each competitor will be revealed in this section.
  • Section 6) Summary Recommendations: The competitor analysis will be concluded with summary recommendations for your website based on the effective tactics discovered. (Appendices) Appendices are provided including a list of up to 1000 web pages linking to each competitor’s website.

Step 2. Website Audit
After deconstructing your competitor’s web marketing techniques (Step 1) we need to become intimately aware of the current state of optimization for your website and where it needs to be improved for future marketing.

Upon completion of this step we will have a significantly clearer picture of the current status of your website and another step closer to creating the ultimate Custom Web Strategy (Step 4).  Your website audit will effectively be a competitor analysis of your own website. This website audit process will include:

  • Section 1) Link Popularity Analysis and Audit: How many links are pointing to your website and how effective are they? This is followed by recommendations for improving or expanding your website’s link popularity.
  • Section 2) Search Engine Friendly Analysis:How well designed is your website for the search engines? There are specific ways to create a website to maximize the potential for search engine rankings. Our analysis will point out what is working on your website and what could be improved.
  • Section 3) Website Analytics Review: How well does your website function for converting visitors to buyers/leads? What areas of your website are turning visitors away in seconds and what keywords did they use to find the page that turned them off? Website analytics can be incredibly complex depending on the website but using LocalBizReach’s analytics expertise we can provide a great deal of insight into the inner workings of your website. The goal will be to create a plan for improving your website’s ability to make you money.
  • Section 4) Keyword Research: What keywords is your website currently ranking for? Our analysis will probe the rankings you may have and determine whether the keywords you have chosen to promote are actually searched for by your target market. Our summary will include recommended changes or additions to your keywords, as applicable.
  • Section 5) Competitor’s Comparative Review: How do you stack up to your competitors? Using the results of the Competitor Analysis we will determine what tactics your website should adopt that your competitors have successfully employed. In addition we may outline the advantages your website currently has over your competitors.
  • Section 6) Summary of Website Audit: The website audit will have revealed some if not many areas for improvement on your website which will be summarized here in the form of an action plan.

Step 3. Web Marketing Review
Step 2 provided us with a grasp of your website’s marketing readiness and effectiveness. The purpose of the Web Marketing Review is to evaluate every type of web marketing you have done and are doing now for your web site. This information will complete the picture of your current web marketing profile. Once we complete this 3rd step of the 6 Step Plan we will have all we need to create a powerful web strategy for you.

The Web Marketing Review may include rigorous analysis of any of the following marketing vehicles:

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Review Our PPC Specialist will personally review your entire campaign and history to evaluate how it can be more profitable.
Web Display Advertising Review Banner or link advertising will be reviewed for effectiveness.
Social Media Optimization The historical productivity of your social media marketing will be reviewed to determine what has and has not provided value for your time and money.
Link Building Campaigns We will evaluate the quality of the links you have received to date according to your historical link building records and compare that to the expense. Note: At the end of every component analyzed there will be recommendations for ongoing strategy. Additional link building strategies or tweaks to the current campaign(s) may be recommended; some may come from the findings of the competitor analysis.

Step 4. Custom Web Strategy

The data accumulated in Steps 1 through 3 will be used to formulate a clear and concise Custom Web Strategy that will act as a blueprint to provide powerful short term and long term results. Note: Where it appears work is being repeated from Steps 1 through 3 it is actually just placement and (possibly) refinement of the findings for the purpose of a final holistic strategy.

The Custom Web Strategy will include a detailed plan for the following marketing initiatives:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    SEO tactics that need to be applied to your website now and into the future.
  2. Link Building
    Improving the quality/volume of your link building campaigns on an ongoing basis.

The Custom Web Strategy also will include an assortment of the following marketing initiatives depending on your web site’s needs and the marketing intelligence gathered from the first three steps:

  1. Web Site Alterations
    If your web site is not as search engine friendly as it should be then this component will be added with recommendations on how to optimize the structure now and maintain it into the future.
  2. Content Creation
    Search engines love quality content because people like quality content. As a result, it is quite common for us to include a content creation schedule to ensure your web site is always adding new material for your visitors to remain interested and for you to attain additional rankings with other terms you may not already have a presence for.
  3. Blog Creation and Management
    Blog creation and management strategies offer long term benefits that many web sites desperately require. As a result, this is often an included component in the final web strategy.
  4. Web Display Advertising
    Banner advertising and text link advertising can be formidable traffic building strategies. We may have recommendations for your active campaigns or we may provide a list of researched properties to advertise with for maximum return on investment.
  5. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
    When configured properly PPC marketing can be extremely effective and profitable. We will provide a comprehensive list of tips to optimize your campaign(s) and increase their overall performance.
  6. Press Release Marketing
    Press releases are a formidable tool for building buzz around your brand so a press release strategy may be provided complete with content ideas and a recommended release schedule.
  7. Social Media Marketing
    Social media is a massive medium with a wide array of topic/interest centric communities that may be worth marketing your brand to (Digg, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, forums, etc.). Depending on your marketplace and its conduciveness for social marketing we could provide a set of recommendations for your current strategy or create an entirely new plan to delve into this rapidly growing sphere of influence.
  8. Mobile Website Marketing and Optimization
    The web is now regularly surfed using mobile technology from iPhones to Windows Mobile Devices and Internet Tablets so it is becoming more and more important to ensure that you have a mobile website that is easily found and navigated. The LocalBizReach mobile marketing experts can plan and manage a strategy to gain more targeted mobility viewers to your mobile website and provide the necessary expertise to keep your mobile website successfully visible well into the future.

Step 5. Web Site Optimization

Now it is time to implement the list of web site optimization solutions the Custom Web Strategy clearly outlines. The solutions will provide some or all of the following benefits:

  •  Increased search engine rankings,
  • Increased return on investment from visitors,
  • Improved visitor tracking and reporting,
  • Improved access for search engines to previously inaccessible areas of your website.

Note: If any significant structural changes are required they should be handled by your own webmaster, designer and/or development team.

Step 6. Reputation Enhancement

Reputation enhancement includes any marketing techniques that increase the reputation of your website to prospective visitors/buyers and the search engines. By increasing your brand or website’s reputation, you’re increasing its chances for immediate and ongoing online success increase dramatically.

The following are aspects of the custom web strategy that will help to enhance your site’s reputation:

Social Media Marketing is an effective way to build relationships with your ideal target market off site. Reach them where they already are. It can effectively increase your brand recognition as well as give people a way to reach you easily, which has been proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

We will conduct a competitor and landscape audit to establish benchmarks and determine the best social platforms with which you can reach your target audience. A customized social media tactical strategy will tell you how to effectively engage your target audience and reflect key brand messaging across various platforms.

Content marketing focuses around your brand’s website. When used in conjunction with an engaged social media campaign, the content is redistributed across various social channels, where it draws people back to your site for more. Content marketing turns the traditional model of push marketing on its head; instead, we create compelling optimized content that pulls people to your site because they want to learn more. As a bonus, the search engines love fresh, quality content because that is what people are looking for. In theory, a sound content marketing campaign should help to increase your site’s rankings. LocalBizReach can create a content strategy for your site, set up and actively market your blog to generate traffic.

Reputation Management Monitoring internet chatter around your company’s brand will give you tremendous insight into the general sentiment being expressed. You can’t control what is being said online, but you can monitor it and respond in a timely manner. A reputation management strategy will include a plan of action to manage conversations, whether negative or positive, to build trust and engage in more meaningful public relations.

Social Metrics and ROI When it comes to social ROI it’s easy to get bogged down in data. LocalBizReach will work with you to determine what goals the campaign should strive to achieve, and then track the necessary metrics.We will integrate your site’s Google Analytics into our monthly reporting of social activities so that you can see the direct results of our efforts. We’ll also use third party software to provide you with monthly reports that are customized to show you exactly what you need to know.

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