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Search Engine Optimization in Victoria BCSearch engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, means many thing to many people, and most likely not much to most. Hardly surprising, really, since most people don’t really care about such things. Business owners, however, would be wise to know a bit more about SEO since it directly affects their company website, and specifically the traffic that is hoped comes to the site. Again, not surprisingly, most small business owners either need help gaining some understanding in this area of their business, or would benefit greatly from a service that specializes in and provides results in this area.

Small business owners in particular could derive a lot of benefits from SEO services from a competent source. And although LocalBizReach specializes in providing search engine optimization services in Victoria BC, the service can be used for any region anywhere in the world.

Beyond all of the helpful benefits of optimization, it should also be understood that making even minor changes to company website structure or content without the proper knowledge can have a dramatic, and unfortunately mostly negative effect. Business owners who attempt to do it them selves, or let someone who is less competent do this work might be wise to give pause. In a word, Search Engine Optimization matters, so what exactly is it?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Here is a quick video explaining what SEO is: 

The topic of “search engine optimization” has become quite a catch all phrase used across the full field of website optimization in general. The definition of SEO is specific and what it actually refers to is arranging the myriad of business and content data so that search engine robots can quickly and easily index all of the content within a website for relevance, quality and area specificity.

What is important to recognize is that “local” search optimization is different from “organic” search optimization. The maps of local businesses in what is known as the “7 pack” that appears within the first few listings are different from the organic listings that mostly appear afterward local listings. There are in fact 2 separate search engine algorithms at work within any search that features a geographical region. Searching for any type of local business usually involves a search structure such as “service” “region/town/city.”

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

The fact is that search is changing and becoming more and more focused on real or natural signals, over time, rather than structural or “search optimized” ones. This is an essential distinction. Gone are the days that someone can attempt to game the system, grab a bunch of low quality backlinks and get ranked. There is no clear way to achieve the best rankings as it always depends on the flow and quality of the data. Fortunately, building content naturally, and over time, with exceptional socially relevant content that people actually use will never go out of style.

The importance of ranking in local search, particularly for small business, cannot be understated. It will most likely become more and more important, so it cannot be ignored. Choosing to hire a professional service will always be better than doing it in house or simply doing nothing. And getting the best service will get the best results.

If you are a small business owner who is interested in improving your company website rankings, contact LocalBizReach and get a clear understanding and achieve the results that you want.

Toot your own horn and get the rankings your business deserves. . . call today!

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