4: Who Is Your Customer?

Your customerPeople do all sorts of searches online. Some are looking for information, perhaps to inform their decision to eventually buy, and some are ready to buy now. Some are your potential customers. It’s vitally important that they can find you.

If your business does not appear on the first page, you will probably not even be considered. If, however, you are in the top 3 of the organic results (not paid advertising listings), Google has determined that your information is the most relevant and worthy of the highest placement. Almost 90% all of the traffic for that particular search is “given” to these first 3 listings: about 50% to the first, 30% to the second and about 10% to the third. The rest of the thousands or millions of other pages share the remaining 10%. And, the more traffic a site gets, the more Google rewards that site with even more traffic.

Its interesting how people view search results. The phenomena has been studied and it has been dubbed “the Google Effect.” Eye tracking software shows that people view the top 3 organic listings first, scanning the headlines for possible interest. If there are local listing in the search, your local business might be among them.

What is your customer searching for? What phrases or keywords are they using? Often, business people are too close to their particular industry and tend to use the special insider language of that industry. But regular customers often search differently….


Take a few minutes and list all of the questions that come to mind that you think people have about your product or service. Now, take all of the questions and group them into categories or topics. You will probably find that there are about 10 or so major topics or key word ideas. Some terms are one or 2 words. Some search terms can be over 5 words and known as “long-tail” keywords. The average search term now has 3.4 words.

These keywords are vital to your campaign. We can research and provide a list of excellent keywords and give you an indication of how well you can rank for each of them. We can then design a strategy that fits your budget and implement it.

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