1: Getting Started

Where to start?

Now that you have made up your mind to actually get started, you may be tempted to do any number of popular things first, such as start a blog, develop a website or change your existing one, engage in social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Why? Because everyone else is doing it?

First, stop and ask yourself why you are going to do it and who it’s for.

We suggest taking a few minutes and imagine you are one of your customers with lots of questions. Write them all down. As many as you can. You can form a strategy of providing relevant content in a “voice” because you already know the answers to all of the questions your customers want answered.

Customers come first. Thinking from the customers point of view gives you insight into what is important to them, what is less important. Involved in your particular industry as you are, it is often too easy to lose sight of what it is your customer is searching for. Also, each type of business tends to use specialized language and concepts that may be  too advanced for the average customer. Use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Developing a strategy to provide this content in a meaningful and helpful way will go a long way to building trust and attracting new and buying customers. This is what customers really want.

Before you do anything, though, you should probably tell your customers where you are, your hours of operation, and other details of your operation. Fortunately, Google has provided a means to this end called Google+ for Business. Google has made it easy and created a listing for each and every business. These are the listings with reviews and pins corresponding to a map showing locations in every search for local businesses. All you have to do is claim it!

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