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Bing’s new Business Portal was announced & launched in April, replacing its existing Local Listing Centre, and is a local directory much like Google Places. You don’t have to resubmit your information to new directories or review because Bing will automatically find your mentions, citations and reviews on all of the directories you have already entered them on.

Before you start, you will need to have an MSN, Hotmail or Windows live ID. 

Bing Portal sign upIf you do have an existing account, you can start to claim your listing, which will take you through to a page that looks like this.

To create a new Bing or Windows live ID go to:

All you need to do is use this link and click on the “Sign in Here” link.


Once through to the sign in page you will see a form that look like this: 




This is an American form which doesn’t recognize that you are in Canada, but fill it in as you would any other web form. If you have a listing, Bing will find you. Bing Business Portal (BBP) is a lot like Google Places,

Google has as a map pin, Bing uses this:

If Bing finds your listing you will see the claim button which might or might not work. If you get the message “you can only claim US businesses at this time”, use the “Add new listing” button at the bottom of the page.

You can fill in the “List your business” form, adding your phone number, business information, and you can even upload your logo. Click next.

There are some nice features, such as adding images and you can add up to 9. To upload more than one image at a time select all the images you want to upload while holding down the Control key. You can add captions to each image. This is the ideal opportunity to use the keywords that you’ve used to describe your products and services.

Once you’ve completed filling in all of your information, you will need to verify your listing. To prevent fraudulent claiming of listings, Bing will send you out a verification PIN by mail to the business address. Unlike Google Places, you have no other option than to wait 3-4 weeks for your PIN code.

When you receive your verification pin, simply log back into BBP, enter your verification PIN. Once you have confirmed your identity as the owner of the business listing, you can add features and links to your listing, and even get an option to change the colour and styling of the page.

Other features that you can add are links to PDF files to a specific page on your website. For example, restaurants could add a link to a menu page and allow a visitor to download it. This feature has a lot of marketing potential.

Instead of categories, Bing allows you to add up to 6 specialties and keywords to provide a more accurate view of what your business has to offer. With BBP you can easily add coupons, specials and promotions, and using the Deal Editor, you can specify an offer category or type (dollar amount, percentage off, etc.,) which will promote the offer on the Bing search engines and social media sites such as Facebook, all for FREE.

Businesses with deals will be highlighted on Bing’s desktop search results, as well as the deal tab on Bing for mobiles homepage ( Once created, you can publish your deals to your existing business page through your link to Facebook.


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