6: Plan To Increase Your ROI

Why should you invest in online marketing? Well, if you spend money marketing your services you should know your Return On Investment (ROI). If you know how much it costs to gain a customer, and you know how much a customer is worth, in the short-term and over the life of the client relationship, then you know how much you could spend to gain more customers, or get a return on your investment.

Do you want to have an online presence on the first page of Google? If that is important, then you have some options: You can buy ads on the the first page, at the top and right sides of Google, OR, do you want to rank highly naturally when people are actually searching for your local product or service. THIS is THE question.

If you could invest in a local marketing strategy and get your money back, all the while increasing the traffic to your business, you probably would see the obvious advantage of increasing the amount you spend. Or, to put it another way, if you could REDUCE your overall marketing costs, you would probably be more inclined to INCREASE your spending to gain more customers. In both cases, we can help.

One of the best features of online marketing is that you can track EVERYTHING. You will know a wealth of information about your prospective customers and exactly how much it costs to acquire a customer. Traditional display ads, like yellow pages or print ads are almost impossible to track, whereas online efforts can not only be tracked but refined to deliver the best results.

If you want a more natural strategy, your investment will be more sustainable because it will not take a whole lot more effort and cost to stay near the top. Once you are near the top of the search engines for your own search term, and you are adding more and more to your online presence, it will be extremely difficult for competitors to dislodge you.

The cost of accomplishing this herculean feat is actually about the same as the minimum amount of money of a Google Adword Ad campaign costs, about $460.00 per month. Find out more about how you can start to start a campaign of domination today.

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