Landing Pages

We offer re-brandable, fully optimized mini sites that you can make your own. Then, clearly direct your customer to take the action you want them to take: Click on your website, download a document, fill out a form or just call you.

Here are a few examples:

Calgary Private ChefPrivate Chef Landing Page

A good example of one of our mini sites is Chef Darrell’s

The clean images and clear message direct potential customers to click on inviting images and explore the services that Chef Darrell has. Darrell makes a distinction between other personal chefs and his private services.

Blind Cleaning VictoriaBlind Cleaning Victoria

Customers searching for “blind cleaning” in “Victoria”, will find

Simple descriptions allow the visitor to quickly understand what the site is about and what to do. The site features the branded images that make a clear impression of professional quality

Victoria House Concert

Victoria House Concert

Another good example of a mini site.

A clean design and vivid images presents the visitor with clear information and accessible features to explore the site.

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