LocalBizReach Strategy Overview

               Local   +  Build  +  Vocal

The LocalBizReach process is a combination of local Search Engine Marketing (local SEM) and website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. This strategy is very powerful because search engines are becoming increasingly locally focused. Whenever someone searches for anything local, local search results appear first. Local searches are increasing and are more likely to result in searches for local businesses.

1. By strategically optimizing your local profile, website and key directory listings your business will vault your to the fore-front of local search. We will:
  • Optimize your Google+ Local listing and proper account set up
  • Do extensive keyword research, for effectiveness and enhancement
  • Optimize key directory listings
  • Optimize your website for local effectiveness.
2. On an ongoing basis we will improve your online presence by building and strengthening the local signals that search engines favour. We will:
  • Expand directory listings
  • Monitor reviews and competitors
  • Create strategic back links for solidifying local results
  • Fix address syntax and categories in existing listings
3. LocalBizReach provides a complete Search Engine Optimization analysis and strategy. For complete dominance we offer Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Strategies.

Reputation enhancement includes any marketing techniques that increase the reputation of your website to prospective visitors/buyers and the search engines. By increasing your brand or website’s reputation, you’re increasing its chances for immediate and ongoing online success that will increase dramatically.

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Our custom web strategies will help to enhance your site’s reputation:

Social Media Marketing is an effective way to build relationships with your ideal target market off site. Reach them where they already are. It can effectively increase your brand recognition as well as give people a way to reach you easily, which has been proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

We will conduct a competitor and landscape audit to establish benchmarks and determine the best social platforms with which you can reach your target audience. A customized social media tactical strategy will tell you how to effectively engage your target audience and reflect key brand messaging across various platforms.

Content marketing focuses around your brand’s website. When used in conjunction with an engaged social media campaign, the content is redistributed across various social channels, where it draws people back to your site for more. Content marketing turns the traditional model of push marketing on its head; instead, we create compelling optimized content that pulls people to your site because they want to learn more. As a bonus, the search engines love fresh, quality content because that is what people are looking for. In theory, a sound content marketing campaign should help to increase your site’s rankings. LocalBizReach can create a content strategy for your site, set up and actively market your blog to generate traffic.

Reputation Management Monitoring internet chatter around your company’s brand will give you tremendous insight into the general sentiment being expressed. You can’t control what is being said online, but you can monitor it and respond in a timely manner. A reputation management strategy will include a plan of action to manage conversations, whether negative or positive, to build trust and engage in more meaningful public relations.

Social Metrics and ROI When it comes to social ROI it’s easy to get bogged down in data. LocalBizReach will work with you to determine what goals the campaign should strive to achieve, and then track the necessary metrics.We will integrate your site’s Google Analytics into our monthly reporting of social activities so that you can see the direct results of our efforts. We’ll also use third party software to provide you with monthly reports that are customized to show you exactly what you need to know.

The LocalBizReach Strategy fully optimizes for domination of local search. Get found first and stay ahead of your competition.

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