Is Digital Media Marketing Worth It?

WebHow big is your business “digital footprint?” Bigger is better. And more diversity counts. Especially when it comes to content which both informs and educates in words, images and videos.

For most small business, social marketing and blogging is an ad hoc activity, not a strategy. You might do it when you get time and almost certainly not very consistently, or very well for that matter. Is it important? Probably. Things like Facebook and Twitter are popular and can get your message out quickly.

But one of the most under-utilized forms of expression is Google local search. Whenever someone searches anything associated with your local business or product, wouldn’t it be great to come up first on the first page of a Google search? This is not a random event, but a carefully planned strategy that most businesses fail to recognize as even being important. SERPS or Search Engine Page Results  can bring an ever increasing amount of customers. As people become more reliant on the results that an independent search brings. Only the best and most focused businesses will be found on a page 1 result.

Is that what your business is…the best?

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