How The “New” Google Local Works

When you do a search for any local search term, such as this example: “plumber victoria bc,” this is what you might see:

plumber victoria bc

 Now, when you search for any local service, Google maps will appear, featuring listings with a website, map and a Google+ page (Just look under the link to your website). This is quite an amazing and unique opportunity for any business who wants to appear first in their listings. Google has given a FREE Google+ business page to  each and every business!

What is the criteria for attaining the top positions in “local search?”  Well, the first obvious thing to do is to claim your page and then update information about your business. Then it is a matter of further “local” optimization. This is where it gets a bit murky. LocalBizReach can manage this for you.

Google wants the best companies with the most up to date, and local information. These are the ones that get top billing. Where do you want your company to be? What’s it going to take to get there and stay there?

LocalBizReach can show you how to get there. Contact us today.
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