How Important is Organic Rank?

75% of all of the traffic that Google generates goes towards listings in the organic search results or listings. That means that 25% goes towards Google Ads. Out of that 25%, about 10-15% goes to the top 4 paid Google Adwords listing for those keywords and the rest goes to the balance. Therefore, you have a 10-15% chance of capturing visitors, or an extremely low possibility, even if you pay for them.

Which would you rather have:  Free traffic or paid traffic? Organic traffic has a lot of benefits, besides being completely free, it has a higher chance of being found. Also, you can get ranked for other keywords that are related. Google organic searchAnd, it stays there. Forever. Sure the content can be bumped off, but it will still be there. Again, forever.

What about Video? One little known fact, is that video shows up in organic search listings. Not only that, they give you a great back-link. A video strategy could be very important to an organic search strategy.

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