How Do I Get My Business on the First Page Google Search?

how do i get my business on the first page google search

How do I get my business on the first page google search?

As a small or local business owner, have you ever asked the question, “how do I get my business on the first page google search?” It’s one of those questions that can remain illusive, especially if your day-to-day concerns comprise of things other than musings of the machination of Google. The small business owner is usually busy with the things that he is intimately acquainted with – his trade, his expertise, and his staff – and most-likely not how to get more search engine traffic.

Well, How do you get traffic on Google?

This is the sixty-four thousand dollar question for most small business owners. In todays dollars it the million dollar question. Here are the facts: In 2008, the internet changed. The algorithm that governs all significant search traffic underwent a paradigm shifting change. Not only did millions of spammy sites get de-indexed, but the tastes of internet users changed – for the better, I might add. No longer were sites with massive amounts of backlinks ruling page #1. Now it was all about quality rather than the quantity of content. Ranking metrics such as the relevance and user experience were suddenly now more important.

This had a profound change on everything Google. Suddenly the playing field levelled a bit more in favour of those astute and thoughtful enough to provide worthwhile content making it easier for those searching for the specific content being provided. Now small and large players had equal footing.

This was great news for local & small business owners…

…Except for the fact that they didn’t really know about this.

This is not really surprising since almost everything Google does is a bit of a mystery. Google has some great products for sure, but arguably, does not do such a good job making everything they do crystal clear. They launch new products, cancel others, merge products and modify others without much notice. All of this is hard to keep up with, even for those more in tune with SEO. It’s no surprise that owners of local establishments don’t really get it.

How can the owners of small business go about the task of getting traffic to their website? More often than not, they pay for it – either in ads (Google Adwords) which show up at the top or at the sides of searches, or Directory type programs (Internet Yellow Pages, Yelp, Local Directories) which are single listings that show up in search engine page results (or, SERP’s).

Paying for help seems the obvious course of action but there is a different way to get traffic than just paying for ads and listings. The answer is to create content that their potential customers might be searching for. Good or great content, oven epic content, published on a frequent basis. This can be the written content, the graphics or videos, or even better a combination of all three published on their website or blog. This content will get indexed in the search engines and remains in search until it gets replaced by better content.

Sounds easy, right? What we’ve found is that there are very few business owners savvy enough to be able to create and rank their content by themselves, and on a regular basis. They need help. And they must be willing to pay for it.

LocalBizReach provides services for the creation of awesome quality content, specifically tailored to local businesses that can be highly focused, high quality content about your service or products for your business.

Regularly published content will get your business ranked, plain and simple.


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