Why Google+?

Good rankings for local search are critical to almost every business with or without a website in a local or regional market. With the very recent changes in the merger of Google Places with Google+, Google displays local search results, organic ranking for a local search phrase, on the first page. Is your business at the top?

Google accounted for 71.43 percent of all U.S. searches conducted the week ending August 1, 2010. Yahoo! Search, Bing and Ask received 14.43 percent, 9.86 percent and 2.32 percent, respectively. The remaining 70 search engines   accounted for 1.94 percent of U.S. searches. If you want traffic, you need Google.

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Here are the MUST Do’s for Google+

Claim Your Google+ Business Page for Local Listing

If your business has been online for a while and you have an address, chances are you already have a listing. If not, create one. Most searchers type in a business type or even an address, so have one listed.

Complete the Places Page with the proper information.

List everything you do that your business stand out. You can use any of the standard categories Google gives on the places page.

Put Your Business Keywords in Your Places Page Business Title

Go to:



Closer to Your City’s Center Is Best

Chances are your Google Maps position in local search will be better the closer you are to the center of your city.

Important note:

Put Your Business Keywords in your Places Page Description

Use Photos and Videos with your Place Page

This should help you show up in image search.

Use Your Local Area Code Phone and FAX Numbers for Google Places

Get your local area phone and FAX numbers on all your pages, see the redundant note below.

Select Related Categories for Your Places Page

Use Your Location Keywords in Places Page Business Title

Address and Contact Information on Every Web Page

One of the most basic steps in earning good local search rankings is to put your company name, street address, city, state and code on every informational page in the website. This is usually placed in the footer or at the bottom of a on every page.

Search engine spiders and robots cannot read text in graphics.

Having your company name and address on every page is also good website usability and credibility.

List the Local Communities You Serve on Every Page

Listing the largest city names, or county names, or state names for regional marketers to your web pages is another way to target local search. This can be done in the footer of every page or in a column common to every page.

My recommendation is to be moderate in what you include and focus on the most important locations.

This can also be done in appropriate page titles and meta descriptions if the same geographic information is in the body copy of the page.

Use Geographic Information in the Titles

Use location information in your page titles and meta descriptions. If search phrase research shows searchers are using phrases like Vancouver Plumbers, then you might want to lead your page title this way. If not, use the geographic info at the end of the title.

List Local Information with Search Engines

Registered with Google Maps even if you already show up in Google Maps. If you don’t have one, you will need to open a Google account.

List your business with Yahoo Local, Bing Local and any other search engines that bring you traffic.

Get Reviews

All major search engines include reviews in listings. More reviews, higher ranking.  Go to your listing and find the ‘write a review’ link.

Then send that link to all of your clients.

Business runs on referrals!

List Websites with Search Directories

There are numerous local listing and review websites where you can list your local information for free and more where you can list for a fee.

Get Links to Your Website from Other Websites

Read about better search engine rankings and why you need links in to your website.

When you get all of your content work done and it is as excellent as you can make it, then it is time for links. It can be amazing what a $600 investment in link building can do, especially if your competitors are not.

Blog !

Use the free Google Blogger.

Blogger is free and based on research reported by others, Blogger ranks better than other kinds of blogs with Google. Wonder why, since Google owns Blogger? In order to open a Blogger account you have to have a free Google account. The username and password for Blogger will be your Google username and password.

More Local Content

Part of the process of improving your content is to use geographic targeting in page  and meta descriptions.  You may also want to create some new pages for the most important geographic locations in your market area.

Check the Whois Information for a Domain Name

A Mobile Website

More and more searchers are using their iPhone or other mobile device to locate products and services where they are.

There it is.


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