Good Riddance, Yellow Pages!

I for one will not lament the demise of the Yellow Pages phone & and advertising directory.

Besides it’s sheer wasteful size and lack of any real information, it only catered to those businesses who could shout the loudest/pay the most money. If anything, it represented a preverbial who’s who directory of ineffective marketing.
Companies wishing to compete were bamboozled by giddy Yellow Pages reps who suggested placing ever larger ads to keep pace in a sort of one-up-man-ship over the competitors, who, in turn were coerced to do the same. Every year each subsequent ad cost even more than the last ad! What a racket!
But now, all that has been changed because of the increasing use of the web! YAY! Now anyone can put up a relatively inexpensive web page and say exactly what it is their business does and how it proposes to do it! The web levels the playing field, so to speak. Searchers find the information they are after and those who provide just that are the winners. No more shouting. It is nothing short of a revolution.
This mornings papers announced the death knell of the Yellow Pages. In all of the largest cities (in Canada) you will have to ask for one, instead of tripping over one as you leave your home early one morning as you have every year since 1887.


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