Create A Google+ Business Page

Just go to and start creating!

Why? Google is on a quest to make you and your business more relevant. And, just like Facebook, you can get your message out by creating a “hangout”, joining with people in your own “circle” and help people recommend you or your business with +1’s.

Creating an account seems easy, as all you need is a Gmail account. However, you should follow the following instructions to be most effective:

1. Create a Google+ page using a dedicated Gmail account; One that is accessible to your team, if you have one.
2. Customize your page and make it as informative as possible. It is really a platform for your “elevator speech.”
3. Add relevant content. Share a few updates and give people a reason to want to connect with you.
4. Promote your page. Create a few links to relevant and valuable content before you start telling the world about it.
5. Stay relevant. Update and add content as frequently as you can.

At its most basic level, all you really need is to just start and create a page. But since Google+ is a social network, regular additions of shared content and updates is what its really about. Get going and let your customers find you!


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