In-House SEO vs. Agency Specialization

Who likes your website-Businesses today realize that their online presence matters. The question is what to do about it. What is the best approach? Do you do attempt to do your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in-house, or do you hire an Agency that specializes in providing SEO services?

Of course, the answer depends on a variety of factors, such as the type and size of the business, and a myriad of other considerations, and there are always Pros & Cons to both. Certain highly competitive sectors, I would suggest, would be foolish to attempt their own campaigns, while those low competition ones might not even consider doing any SEO at all.

Why Be First In Search Listings?

plumber victoria bcThe fact remains, customers who are seeking out the services or products that you offer, often use search to investigate well before making a purchase. How much does being in the top listings affect the end purchase? This is always debatable, because just being first doesn’t guarantee selection. The number and quality of reviews plays an equally if nit increasingly important role, as does mobile optimization. But one thing is clear: having a sound SEO strategy is becoming quite important.

Some company owners might feel, after Googling their business on a daily basis, that they are well positioned in search results. But unless they are searching anonymously, the results are probably misleading. If they happen to actually find their business listed near the top already, without having much interaction, it is possibly only due to the low competitive environment. All it takes is for a few of those competitors to wake up and start doing something and the tables might quickly turn.

For most small businesses, the prospect of doing anything valid towards SEO is heavily influenced by two main factors: Time & Money. The tasks associated with proper SEO are both complex and time-consuming, and consequently most times get prioritized somewhere near the bottom of the pile. The cost of either attempting it themselves or paying an outside agency is the other issue.

The ROI of SEO

brainstormingOne of the most important tests is the consideration for the possibility of increased returns. Lets consider the ROI (return of Investment) of embarking on a proper SEO campaign. Here are some examples of actual costs and possible returns:

The cost of letting an agency handle the SEO tasks for smaller types of businesses is usually somewhere between $400-$600./mo., and somewhere between $1000-10,000 for large enterprises, so lets assume its a small enterprise and the average cost is $500. What is the return of each additional sale? Obviously, this depends on the business, but for demonstration purposes, lets say that the average is $100./sale. This means that roughly 5 additional sales are needed each month to break even. More than 5 is a bonus. Again, depending on the specifics of each business, the numbers change, but the thought process is the same.

Specialized Expert vs. Employee

The expertise of an SEO Agency or Specialist should not be discounted. If you choose to empower an employee within your organization, results may not be guaranteed, unless they have had some sort of prior training. Also, there are probably more costs associated with retaining an employee without a clear methodology and set of tools verses the costs of hiring a dedicated expert, with the proper array of tools and focus.

Not only is the work associated with SEO improvements highly technical, it’s also imprecise. And tactics change over time. This is why there are some differences in results and why some specialists get better results than others. To think that a non-specialized attempt at SEO could achieve similar results is just a bit more than optimistic.

Hiring a specialist or Agency should come with a certain amount of professional accountability. Clear goals and expectations should be established, and regular reporting should demonstrate improvements towards those goals. The results should speak for themselves. Fortunately, everything to do with the internet and search is measurable, over time.

Finally, and perhaps the real reason a company might entertain doing their own SEO is that they might not understand what is exactly involved in a campaign. This is probably the failure of the SEO expert as it’s often difficult to explain in layman’s terms exactly what goes on during a campaign. The SEO builds both onsite and offsite links and assets, on a consistent basis, over time, in order to stay ahead of the competitors who might possibly be trying to do the same thing. If the specialists’ work is done proficiently, the results will be consistently better than the competitors results.

If your company is serious about improving the SEO results of the online presence, hiring a service might be the wisest decision. Based on certain agreed upon criteria and goals set, results can be monitored and judged if positive or not. Its well worth considering.

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Search Engine Optimization in Victoria BC

Search Engine Optimization in Victoria BCSearch engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, means many thing to many people, and most likely not much to most. Hardly surprising, really, since most people don’t really care about such things. Business owners, however, would be wise to know a bit more about SEO since it directly affects their company website, and specifically the traffic that is hoped comes to the site. Again, not surprisingly, most small business owners either need help gaining some understanding in this area of their business, or would benefit greatly from a service that specializes in and provides results in this area.

Small business owners in particular could derive a lot of benefits from SEO services from a competent source. And although LocalBizReach specializes in providing search engine optimization services in Victoria BC, the service can be used for any region anywhere in the world.

Beyond all of the helpful benefits of optimization, it should also be understood that making even minor changes to company website structure or content without the proper knowledge can have a dramatic, and unfortunately mostly negative effect. Business owners who attempt to do it them selves, or let someone who is less competent do this work might be wise to give pause. In a word, Search Engine Optimization matters, so what exactly is it?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Here is a quick video explaining what SEO is: 

The topic of “search engine optimization” has become quite a catch all phrase used across the full field of website optimization in general. The definition of SEO is specific and what it actually refers to is arranging the myriad of business and content data so that search engine robots can quickly and easily index all of the content within a website for relevance, quality and area specificity.

What is important to recognize is that “local” search optimization is different from “organic” search optimization. The maps of local businesses in what is known as the “7 pack” that appears within the first few listings are different from the organic listings that mostly appear afterward local listings. There are in fact 2 separate search engine algorithms at work within any search that features a geographical region. Searching for any type of local business usually involves a search structure such as “service” “region/town/city.”

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

The fact is that search is changing and becoming more and more focused on real or natural signals, over time, rather than structural or “search optimized” ones. This is an essential distinction. Gone are the days that someone can attempt to game the system, grab a bunch of low quality backlinks and get ranked. There is no clear way to achieve the best rankings as it always depends on the flow and quality of the data. Fortunately, building content naturally, and over time, with exceptional socially relevant content that people actually use will never go out of style.

The importance of ranking in local search, particularly for small business, cannot be understated. It will most likely become more and more important, so it cannot be ignored. Choosing to hire a professional service will always be better than doing it in house or simply doing nothing. And getting the best service will get the best results.

If you are a small business owner who is interested in improving your company website rankings, contact LocalBizReach and get a clear understanding and achieve the results that you want.

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