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B&Bslider4Do you have a Bed & Breakfast business which you enjoy running, but need a little help attracting new visitors? Getting new visitors is not easy, because, after all, your B&B is just another place that nobody has heard of. If you are feeling a bit lost, there are plenty of things that you can do to help promote your fine establishment. It might surprise you that most of these things don’t cost anything, or cost very little. I should think that promoting your B&B in as many free ways as you can first would be among your first tasks, before you start paying for them.

Here are a few things you might consider when promoting your B&B:

Paid B&B Directory Listings

While there are a few listings that you should probably list your B&B in that are worthwhile, mainly because they are top level directories and very popular. Directories and third-party review sites such as TripAdvisor fit in this category. There are also many paid, industry specific listings that you might be tempted to use. Most directories are free to create a basic listing, but charge for premium top listing positioning. While this might be tempting, which ones are worth the money? Trial and error to prove their effectiveness might be a costly exercise.

On the West Coast of Canada, where I live, these are the main directories that are most visible, along with their respective annual membership fees: $125/yr

bed breakfast website $288/yr

bed bnreakfast website $225/yr




bed breakfast websites

Canadian b and b guide $75/yr




bed breakfast websites $50/yr

bed breakfast website $29/yr







Local Search PopularityFree B&B Directory Listings

But are the paid directory listings the only option you have? Of course not. Here are a list of directories which are either free, or offer a listing in favour of a link exchange: ($10. lifetime fee) ($100/yr)


A Bed & Breakfast Website

Is a website really necessary for your B&B? Most would argue, yes, of course. After all, this a business like any other, and not having a website might limit your visibility or even make your business look unprofessional. While these are good reasons, they are not the main reasons why you should consider having one. If you choose to have a website, search engines will list all of your content on all of your web pages, including photos and videos.

Before you rush out and hire someone to build a website for your B&B or attempt to build one yourself, ask yourself why you want a website and what exactly you want it to accomplish. Creating a new website involves some heavy lifting, even if you have it built for you. The words you use for the content, the photo’s and videos you choose to represent your B&B all have a profound impact on potential customers who visit to your site, as well as the mechanical ones such as Google bots, the spiders that crawl the site trying to understand and categorize what it is you are trying to say.

There are some additional costs, not only for the creation and development of the site. These include the cost of buying and maintaining your own business domain name, the cost of website hosting and possible maintenance fees to keep the website up to date. Learning how best to do all of this might be a bit overwhelming for some, but it is necessary to understand what the costs are before deciding what type of website to have. There is a broad range of prices and services available.

There are free websites, or blogs, template type website builders to choose from, as well as having a professional custom built site. This is an example of a customized free WordPress theme.

Noodles Nook - Quadra Island, BC - A Cozy Cabin in Heriot Bay, Quadra Island BC

Paying for this service might be more effective and in the long run, less expensive. A professional who is adept in the latest marketing techniques can solve the problem of getting exposure in local search, getting found by potential visitors more easily than paying for numerous expensive directory listings.

Contact LocalBizReach and order a custom site today.

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