6 Reasons Why You Need A High Ranking Site

If you’re in business and don’t yet have a web presence, some would say you’re not really in business. That said, some estimates are that only 10% of all businesses have websites, and most are horrible. If you have a site that doesn’t rank for the keywords you think your customers are searching for, then you might as well not be there. Chances are your site is buried well below the threshold of where any normal person would search. It is like having a sign in the middle of the desert.

Here are 6 Reasons why you need a high ranking website:

1. It lets people who are searching for you know you are in business.
2. It lets people find you, if they are searching keywords, if you are on the first page.
3. If you are in the first three ranked sites you will get most of the 90% of all organic search from Google.
4. If Google rewards your site with lots of organic search traffic, you will continue to get even more traffic.
5. If you are ahead of your competitors, and if you keep building your online reputation, you will always rank ahead of your competitors.
6. Your website is valuable property and could possibly increase the value of your business ten fold.
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