30 Darn Good Reasons Why You Should Be Online

Here goes…30 reasons why you, or more precisely your business, should have an online presence or advertise on the web…Good-bye Yellow Pages

  1. Reason numero uno:  Its inexpensive, especially when compared to the traditional Yellow Pages Ads that you used to place.
  2. In fact, it’s practically free. Every word you post, tweet or update is potentially advertising that is free. What could be better than that?
  3. Your customers should be easier to find you easier. Obviously.
  4. Your competitors are online. If your competitors are advertising or have an online presence, you probably should too.
  5. Who uses the phone book anyways? Soon they’ll be obsolete, so you won’t even have the option. They just announced a massive restructuring plan to pay off an annual 700 million debt….
  6. The internet is not going away. You might as well get on board.
  7. …Back to the old Yellow Pages, it’s more a “directory of ineffective advertising,” certainly not as current as Google.
  8. …and…Yellow Pages ads contained the barest of information about your company, when compared to the free listings that Google provides, i.e. Google Places/Google+.
  9. Online, you can demonstrate your expertise, whereas in regular type ads it is quite difficult.
  10. You can provide accurate details of your business available like hours, payment types, specials, etc.
  11. You can both improve and enhance your reputation. Online reviews and unsolicited citations create a network of good news around your business.
  12. Alternatively, negative reviews can severely damage your reputation. All the more reason to create a campaign of favorable words.
  13. Customers can research your product or service online and be therefore better educated buyers, saving your time.
  14. Rather than just a simple brochure or flyer, your website can accurately portray your companies values and offerings, completely demonstrating all of the information critical to making prospectives into customers.
  15. A well designed site can create a feeling of helpfulness that your customers can relate to.
  16. Online activity helps demonstrate your willingness to be friendly and a useful resource for customers.
  17. 97% of consumers search for local business online.
  18. Practically everyone “Google’s” now for stuff they want to find out. Perhaps they will find something about your business…if you have useful stuff are on there.
  19. To be able to reach local customers. Google is, more and more, presenting better and richer local business information.
  20. To track your advertising activities. Quickly see what is of interest to your customers making it easier to give them what they want.
  21. Get your message out to the media easily. Press Releases, as well as content such as pictures, news, video items can be readily available instantly without the usual costs.
  22. Test market new services or products, cost-effectively and easily.
  23. Allow customers to give you helpful feedback, through comments on blogs or reviews.
  24. Create a 24/7 service or access to your product line.
  25. Answer Frequently Asked Questions, “soft-selling” your customers.
  26. Reach a specific targeted group of customers or demographic.
  27. Engage with your customers through social media and create awareness.
  28. Advertise 24/7 and increase your reach.
  29. Solidify and expand your brand name and exposure.
  30. You can be mobile. Customers can find you even when they are on the move.

There you have it. Not a definitive list I’m sure, but some pretty darn good reasons why  improving your online business presence should be a top priority. Find out more and contact LocalBizReach today!

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