3 Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Google Local Listings

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Do a quick Google search for a service in your own area right now. Notice that the listings for local businesses show up as Google maps BEFORE the regular Google search results. This is because Google recently changed the algorithm for local search.

What about your business? Is it listed in the local search results? Do you want to find out how you can get listed near the top?

Here are 3  Easy Steps to help you do just that.

Some companies have a great internet presence, while still having a weak local Internet presence. Its vitally important to have a strong local internet presence. Follow these 3 easy steps to improve yours. It only takes a few minutes to do so. It’s well worth it and you can do it yourself.

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Guide on How to Get Your Business Listed in Local Search Engine Listings. (Google, Yahoo and Bing)

STEP 1 : Provide Your Business Details

Visit Google Local Business Center and log in using your Google/Gmail Username and Password. If you don’t yet have a gmail account, it’s easy to set up. If you don’t want another email address, don’t worry, you can use your regular email address, but you’ll need a Gmail account to use all of the other features Google gives for free.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your Business Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Website URL, a Brief Description of your Business ( 200 words max. ) and up to 5 Categories for your Business.


STEP 2: Choose Your Verification Method

Once you have entered your Business Listing Details then you’ll have 2 choices for verification:

(i) Phone Verification :  Google instantly calls the telephone number, provided you are at your business location.

(ii) Mail Verification : Google sends you a postcard with a verification code in about 2 weeks. TIP: Choose this option only if you can’t do this from your business location.


If you choose the mail verification you’ll have to wait a few weeks. On the positive side, you could get lucky and get a $100 Adwords Coupon from Google.  Here’s what the verification card looks like.



STEP 3: Confirm Verification Using Code

Verify your listing using the verification code either given to you on the phone or on the post card from Google and your listing will go live in about 6 weeks.

As you can see, adding your site to Google Maps Local Listing is simple and easy. You don’t need to hire a professional SEO company to do this for you. However, if you don’t have the time and would rather hire someone to do this for them, please upgrade to the gold level and we’ll take care of optimizing it for you.

This demonstration was  how to get the basic listing in Google Local Maps. Recently, Google took it a step forward and now offers an upgrade giving you a unique phone number from Google (available only in the U.S.), placed within your ad, for tracking calls that you get from visitors to your local listing ad, along with the  ability to add coupons, get detailed reports on the calls received, clicks to your ad, and driving directions to your business.

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